Adaptive In a Nutshell

We care about people.  We think that everyone should have rights, supports, and relationships that enable them to live fulfilling lives.  This is much easier said than done given the vast array of strengths, hindrances, challenges, circumstances, and resources found across humanity.  We believe that in order to solve issues of functional living and overcome barriers, it is essential to develop tools, technologies, and communities that value collaboration, inclusion, and accessibility.

Adaptive aims to employ new and emerging technologies in accordance with the values mentioned above.  Our current projects are focusing on creating web applications that enhance communication and adaptive skills for people with developmental, communication, and other disabilities.   Among other things, these apps will be free, open-source, adaptable, touchscreen-optimized, and device independent.

History Pt. 1: Assistive Technology

Definition and Origin

Assitive or adaptive technology has a long history…to be continued.

History Pt. 2: The Adaptive Project

Adaptive is coming.

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